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Business Insurance

Still haven’t found the right insurance policies for your business? Strock Insurance has been the leading provider of quality business insurance solutions since 1983. Our locally owned independent agency helps businesses get low insurance premiums and complete coverage options for their unique needs in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Mechanicsburg, and the nearby areas in Pennsylvania. Let us help you find the business insurance policies that are right for you.

Customized Insurance Plans


At Strock Insurance, we work diligently to develop customized insurance plans that will protect your business in any eventuality. We are aware of the risks business owners face, both legally and professionally. That is why we strive to help you protect your livelihood, with insurance products that competently safeguard your investment. We will present you with a competitive quote on the policies you need to safeguard your company.

What Is Business Insurance and What Does Business Insurance Cover?

Business insurance is one of the less well-understood types of insurance because, unlike home and car insurance, nearly everyone doesn’t need it. As a business owner, however, you can opt for business insurance that will cover any or all of the following possibilities:

  • General and Commercial Liability Insurance. What happens if a customer hurts themselves while at your business? Will you have the coverage to avoid having to pay enormous amounts out-of-pocket if you’re at fault? Property may also be covered as part of this type of insurance (Note: You’ll need workers’ comp to cover any injuries faced by employees. Discuss this with your insurance agent).
  • Fidelity Insurance. Unfortunately, sometimes losses occur at the hands of dishonest workers. In this case, fidelity insurance can give you back all or most of the stolen amount. If you have employees who regularly handle money and finances, you should have the right amount of fidelity insurance coverage.
  • Business Interruption Insurance. Occasionally, damage and disasters occur that cause business operations to have to shut down for a period of time. Who covers the losses sustained during those occurrences? Business interruption insurance can be an enormous help and can get your business up and running sooner by helping you stay afloat.
  • Car Insurance. While not actually part of your business insurance, you may want to take out an auto policy in addition to your business insurance. This will cover any damage and liability related to corporate cars. When you talk to your Strock Insurance agent, be sure to ask how you can get your car insurance bundled with your business insurance to save you money.
  • Specialty Insurance. Depending upon your industry, you may also need specialty business insurance. Our objective is to understand your legal obligations so you are fully protected, no matter what your field.

Receive your Business Insurance Analysis

You have worked hard to build a business that provides for you and your family, so protect it with the best business insurance coverage available. Let Stock Insurance carry out a complete business insurance analysis to determine any areas of your business that may be at risk. When you consult with an experienced insurance specialist from Strock Insurance, you can have the information you need to make the best choices in insurance coverage for your business.

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