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Which City and State Has the Most Expensive Car Insurance?

You’re casually talking about life with your buddy who lives in another state. The topic of car insurance somehow pops up, and you discuss your rates. You notice that he has significantly higher premiums than you. Why? It could be that he lives in one of the states with the highest car insurance rates.

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How Are Car Insurance Premiums Calculated?

Have you ever wondered why your car insurance rate can vary so much from your friends’ or relatives’ rates? The fact is, the process can seem quite perplexing unless you’re in the insurance business.

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Insurance Questions Small Business Owners Should Ask

       The U.S. Small Business Administration sets the standards for what qualifies as a small business based on either earnings or number of employees. The definition of small business varies by industry. For example, in some areas of power generation, 250 employees qualify as a small business while in some areas of snack food manufacturing businesses with fewer than 1,250 employees are considered small.

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Preparing for Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Do you get nervous at the thought of taking a medical exam to get a life insurance quote? It’s a common reaction, and completely understandable. Many life insurance policies require that you are screened in your home or office by a licensed paramedical examination professional. Although you don’t have to pay anything for this exam, you need to take it seriously. The healthier you are, the better your chances of hearing a “yes” from your preferred insurance provider, as well as snagging the lowest policy rates on the market.

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Is Life Insurance an Investment for Retirement?

Some people start thinking about retirement in their 20s. Others wait until their 40s or later. Regardless of when you begin planning for a time when you’ll no longer be working full-time, you may encounter questions about retirement and life insurance policies. Namely, is it possible for you to use life insurance as a viable retirement plan?

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